Institute for Advanced Research

This is the portal and forum of ININT, Institute for Advanced Research Nikola Tesla.

   ININT was launched by a group of enthusiasts in May 2014 led by a Ph.D physicist, electrical engineer Miloš Ćorlomanović, as a response and a revolutionary approach to the challenges of the new era and contemporary trends.

   The institute was named one of the world's greatest scientists and probably the greatest mind of humanity, the scientist of Serbian origin, Nikola Tesla. This is an honor and glory to the greatest inventor in history.

   The Institute for Advanced Research Nikola Tesla, ININT, consists mainly of young and enthusiastic researchers, as members and volunteers, as well as several experienced professors and engineers, as senior scientific advisers.

   The Institute deals with both research and development activities from several fields; physics, biology, biophysics, chemistry, botany, electrical engineering, hydrology, architecture, energy, neuroscience, neurolinguistics, biomedicine, astrophysics, ecology, programming etc.

   The Institute conceives its program on the principle of the commune and guarantees the authorship of their own work, as well as the help of other members of the community, to each member. The earnings are divided into equal parts by the effect of the project, and comes from investments interested in the same. All investors are welcome.








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